Most Handsome British Men 2016 Poll

Who is Most Handsome British Man in the World for 2016? Choice your favorite hottest, sexiest, handsome British man. if your favorite man not listed in this page you are able to upload by using upload button. Please upload good quality pictures and before upload check all contestants for prevent to duplicate. In this poll only famous men accepted. Actor, model, singer, celeb, sportsman etc.

End Day : December 31 2016

One Vote per 24 Hours

Most Handsome British Men 2016 Poll ended.

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  • worldsmostbeautifuls

    Colin Morgan and Jamie Morgan Moved to Most Handsome Irish Men 2016 Poll

  • Jυℓια

    Colin Morgan is from Northern Ireland, he said that it is UK. So, you should return him here!

  • Dawnmes

    I love James McAvoy.He saves my soul.He made me no longer alone.He made me fascinated not just the eyes and lips, but also his smile.
    Yes, he may not be the best in the world, but in my heart, he is the best.🌵

  • Maria Day

    Sam Heughan should be removed from this contest. He is from Scotland and they have their own contest.

  • Ida

    James >3< he is the best in my heart,i will keep voting for him,kisses

  • Manuela Nuit Lasombra

    how comes James McAvoy is on Scottish Men’s list and on British Men’s list please? Could you please decide where he will participate? Thanks

    • Sam

      Maybe because it just says United Kingdom instead of Scotland, so they just assumed that he is in both (?)

      • Manuela Nuit Lasombra

        no, either British, or Scottish, not fair to be in two categories at the same time.

  • Donna Wilcox-Martin

    Matt Smith?

  • Donna Wilcox-Martin

    Please add Matt Smith.

  • Denise Schult

    Please add Aidan Turner – British Isles

  • Terr

    Sam Heughan is Scottish, yes?

  • moonirams

    please add tobias menzies