World’s Most Handsome Men 2016 Poll

Who is Most Handsome Man in the World for 2016? Choice your favorite hottest, sexiest, handsome man in the world. if your favorite man not listed in this page you are able to upload by using upload button. Please upload good quality pictures and before upload check all contestants for prevent to duplicate. In this poll only famous men accepted. Actor, model, singer, celeb, sportsman etc. Please don’t upload your photos.
One Vote per 24 Hours per ip.

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World’s Most Handsome Men 2016 Poll ended.

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TOP 20 Most Handsome Men 2016

1. Engin Akyürek – 60170 – Turkey

2. Kim JaeJoong – 44042 – South Korea

3. Jared Padalecki – 32067 – USA

4. Tommy Joe Ratliff – 30228 – USA

5. Adam Lambert – 29434 – USA

6. Henry Cavill – 24670 – United Kingdom

7. Barun Sobti – 24221 – India

8. Kim Hyun Joong – 18170 – South Korea

9. Lee Donghae – 17484 – South Korea

10. Çağatay Ulusoy – 14261 – Turkey

11. Jensen Ackles – 14015 – USA

12. Matt Bomer – 12968 – USA

13. Murat Yıldırım – 7772 – Turkey

14. Mohit Sehgal – 7473 – India

15. Sebastian Stan – 6338 – Romania

16. Richard Armitage – 5816 – United Kingdom

17. Lee Pace – 5182 – USA

18. James McAvoy – 5008 – United Kingdom

19. Mehmet Akif Alakurt – 4648 – Turkey

20. Choi Siwon – 4022 – South Korea



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  • melliemom

    Adam Lambert is not only gorgeous but unbelievably talented

    • Robin Johnston-Durand


      • slynnc

        Oh yeah.

  • Maja Vlahović

    Adam Lambert! <3 Yay, he!

  • Jane

    Mr Lambert

  • alimil

    Adam Lambert is a magnificent human inside and out.

    • Eser USA.


    • Reese Linh

      Absolutely agree 😉

  • ♥TheRealFoxVegas ♎ ♥

    Absolutely…gorgeous guy with the kindest heart and the best soul…#WINNING!

  • dosomethinggoodtoday

    zayn malik

  • Alicia Thomas

    How come Jared Padalecki isnt in there he’s the most handsome out of all these men? He’s got my vote

    • worldsmostbeautifuls

      Your upload was approved. thank you

    • Andrea Susan Isaacs

      If you go to the top of the poll, there are other polls and Jared is in one of them.

  • Laurie Waller

    No one else but ADAM!!!!

  • Catherine McLane Spengler

    ????? Adam is an “artistic smash” ?????

  • Vicki Bradsberry

    Sorry but Adam Lambert wears more makeup than I do. Not a sexy look. Eeeeshh.

    • sorry but that was years ago, very natural look now

    • Dinahhmite

      Seriously???Have U had your eyes checked lately??? Devastatingly HANDSOME, naturally. Look at this picture. CASE CLOSED.

    • Andrea Susan Isaacs

      Adam is gorgeous with or without makeup!

    • Divia

      He rarely wears makeup now and if he does, it’s quite minimal. Is he wearing lots of makeup in this pic? NOOOO. I think you’re living 7 years ago. You know what they say when people assume.

    • Kels

      Ugh this comment is soooo 2009.

    • Patty

      Where exactly do you see any makeup in that picture???

    • Patty

      Look at all that makeup!!

    • Sherry

      where is the make up? he rarely wears any unless he is on stage.

  • Adam Lambert, such a beautiful soul, unbelievably handsome, insanely talented

  • Tami Arens

    ‘Gorgeous’ is Jared’s middle name. <3 <3

  • Roxy Angie Frias

    sebastian stan lo mas bello del mundo

  • Angie Robbins

    Sebastian Stan!!

  • PerkiKat

    Adam Lambert is the most beautiful and the sexiest, hottest, most talented man in the universe!

    • Sherry

      You forgot nicest, warmest, funniest, sweetest, most intelligent, etc.

    • Theresa Dailey

      Plus most sympathetic .. empathetic .. caring … generous .. loyal … I could go on forever …. LAMBET Outlaw

  • poohbeertjuh

    Jensen Ackles Most Handsome everything ever..

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  • Haneen Agha Afridi

    cagatay….<3 Robert Pattinson…<3 but wait wait wait why there is no any Pakistani Actor in the nominies….? :/

    • worldsmostbeautifuls

      We are waiting your suggestions and also you are able to upload anyone by using upload photo button. Thank you

  • Eva…..

    Adam Lambert is not only a pretty face is a good Man and so generous.He is simply PERFECT !!

  • Eva…..

    Gorgeous Adam Lambert <3<3

  • Lydia Vanessa Serrano

    Love Lee Seung Gi, thats my Fav.

  • Diana

    One classic photo example of why #Glamberts are so besotted with Adam Lambert
    Stunning guy, incredible voice, lovely man

    • Angela Phillip

      I do not think that is the main reason why glamberts are besotted by Adam lambert. I am no hipocrate. The site should be divided for people like him rather than being compared with the straight, noble and classically trained people whose talent far surpasses the loud heavy metal sound performed for j ust one segment of society.

  • Tara Silverchime

    I’m sure Adam Lambert is a lovely man, not my cup of tea at all though, I prefer them rough and ready, I don’t want to fight with them for mirror time. 😉

    • Laurie Waller

      I think you’re in the wrong place on the poll then. Obviously the comments would be from admirers, don’t understand why anyone would insert a negative comment….I don’t plan to comment on the contenders pages that I don’t like them………………..

      • Laurie Waller

        I just made an ass of myself, My apologies, this is NOT just a page for Adam…..

        • Tara Silverchime

          An easy mistake to make, I did try to be witty rather than negative but I guess I failed.

          • Laurie Waller

            Sorry again, I need to learn to “curb” my enthusiasm, I’m way overboard for Adam…..:)

        • Theresa Dailey

          No need to apologize … this comment also appears on ADAM’s picture page also. It’s not just on the page with all the guys pix!! That picture of ADAM uploaded by Camille … WOW!! Gorgeous & Rugged … no makeup needed … ADAM is a natural beautiful man!!

    • lord have mercy

  • Aleksandra S

    Colin O’Donoghue is from Ireland

    • worldsmostbeautifuls

      Thank you. Fixed it.

  • anyone know the end date for this? It is Mr Lambert, hands down, most beautiful inside and out

    • worldsmostbeautifuls

      31 December

    • Sherry

      this is one of those polls that never ends. I remember one went on for 4 yrs.

    • Theresa Dailey

      According to the info above the end date is December 31, 2016. Yes!! ADAM should be running away with this poll but somehow it seems Turkey has gotten behind the first guy 100%. Of course there aren’t as many Turkish men on this poll as there are American men so the Vote seems to be split more ways … that would give the guy from Turkey an advantage over the others … IMO … can’t think why else ‘he’ would be in #1 position … it certainly isn’t because he is better looking!! JMO

  • Hurts Rose łł

    Theo Hutchcraft

  • Arian

    Engin Akyurek is from Turkey

  • Julia Mytnik

    KIM HYUN JOONG – the best!!!

  • Rahet Lbel

    still the best still the only one

  • Lilla Joba

    For me it will always be Dylan O’Brien. Not only because of his looks(which are great) but also because in every interview I watched, he was always fun and genuine and natural. Beautiful inside and out.

  • Tracy DeBidart


  • Robin Johnston-Durand

    What ever happened to REAL MEN?! There are a few on this list, but my husband is hotter than any of these “men?”!! 😀

    • Kels

      No one cares about your husband, lady.

    • Rosmawati Mawar

      ask your husband to be an Idol than.. easy right.. no offend ^-^

  • Eser USA.

    ??✌✌✊✊most wonderful person alive! outside….and inside….I’m sorry. ..nobody could be better than Adam Lambert !

  • Glambert

    Adam <3 <3 incredible voice

  • Marilyn Curtis

    not letting me vote. contact an admin? Trying to vote Adam L

  • Carole Ryan

    Colin O’Donoghue??

  • Mandy Pavey

    Yes seriously you will never find a better person inside and out.Adam Lambert is handsome and very very very talented

  • Celia

    Jay is handsome, sexy and talented!!! Nobody could be better for World’s Most Handsome Men 2016 than JAY RYAN!!!

  • Laurie Waller

    This daily vote runs until Jan, vote every day, Adam IS already the winner but let’s show our admiration with votes!

  • ckc57tbird

    No one can compare to Johnny!

  • Julia

    Colin Morgan is most handsome, charming, sexy and talented!)

  • Belle Vox

    Lee Pace! Handsome, wonderful human being and a great actor!

    • Jesws

      Feio que dói, além de ser péssimo ator!

      • Belle Vox

        Agora deu de entender de homem tambem? Vixi! Devo avisar que vou denunciar vc como stalker.

        • Jesws

          E??? Conseguiu??? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkKKKKKKKK

  • Vari

    Colin O’Donoghue

  • Belle Vox

    Warning that the user DISQUES- Jesws – is a stalker who is chasing me on the internet. Already denounced the DISQUES and the Federal Police of my country.

    • Jesws


  • Lydia Vanessa Serrano

    I Like Lee Seung Gi

  • Deb Brown

    He is a trailblazer. I’m so proud to be a Glambert.

  • Angela Glambert

    Adam Lambert is beautiful inside and out. He’s always a winner. <3

    • Chippy43

      Just adore Adam, his voice, his looks, his kind attitude. Boy is he talented. Have you seen him sing with Queen?

  • arlete

    Adam Lambert é o mais lindo.

  • Patty

    Adam Lambert is my first pick, although I wouldn’t throw Sam Heughan out of my bed. JS ….

  • Lynnmarie51

    If I were going to pick someone who I thought was more handsome than Adam, it sure wouldn’t be the person who is currently in first place.

    • Sherry

      He’s hairy tho. lol

  • Paula

    Adam Lambert is the best ♡ the hottest man alive, amazing guy with a big heart and a huge talent ♡ I love him! ^^

  • Jerrina Asha

    Barun sobti is de best

  • Jerrina Asha

    Barun sobti no one can be like you in everything you are just simply amazing

  • Sharlene

    Francois Arnaud He’s sexy gorgeous & talented

  • Елизавета

    Barun Sobti the best!

  • Sheree Hendrick

    Adam Lambert. No doubt. Incomparable vocal ability. Smart, funny, so sensually sexy. But this poll is all about beauty. This guy couldn’t look bad if he tried to. He must be a photographers dream. Doesn’t have a ‘bad’ side for pictures. Every time I think I’ve seen the best picture of him, something more stunning comes out. And his fashion sense is out of this world.

  • Roxy Angie Frias

    sebastian stan es es mas bello

  • Sheree Hendrick

    And don’t forget Macy’s picked our Adam Lambert to be the model for their International Concepts clothing line!

  • Theresa Dailey

    Hey!! Glamberts!! Where are all the Voters for ADAM!! The Most Handsome man on the Planet!! Please Vote every day for ADAM!! LAMBERT Outlaw

    • Sheree Hendrick

      Glamberts unite!

  • Roxy Angie Frias

    sebastian es el mas bello

  • Roxy Angie Frias


  • Елизавета

    Oboyatelny and most attractive man Barun Sobti!

  • Елизавета

    Their most incredible and attractive man Barun Sobti!

  • Елизавета

    Самый обаятельный и привлекательный Барун Собти!

  • Sheree Hendrick

    Wow! Adam Lambert announced today, July 4 he signed to model with MiLK Management in London! His fans know he is model material besides his career as a global music superstar. I posted a fashion pic of him on here two weeks ago. There is NO man more handsome or hotter. VOTE ADAM!!!

    • Angela Phillip

      British actor Richard is a few billion time over!

  • Елизавета

    I love you!Barun Sobti!

  • Dawnmes

    James McAvoy!!!James!! James is my heart!!!I love him!!!James!!!😚😚😚

  • Dawnmes

    James McAvoy!!He is my soul

  • Ida

    James McAvoy!!A handsome man and a great actor!James!!!i love him sooooo much!

  • Donna Wilcox-Martin

    Please add Norwegian singer Per Fredrik “Pellek” Åsly. He is also in the movie Creators: The Past

  • luke

    Where is Matthew Gray Gubler asshole!
    And all Koreans are UGLY and DISGUSTING.

  • luke

    And Benedict Cumberbatch?

  • Лариса Трюхан

    KIM HYUN JOONG – this man warms the heart and soul. !!!!

  • OmeGA D

    I don’t know what happened, but when I was voting in summer Kim Taehung was on the 1st place with 50K+ votes, but now he’s 158 votes and different profile photo/

  • Localpwincess
  • Лариса Трюхан

    The most beautiful, most charming and the most sexy man in the world, Kim Hyun Joong!!!

  • Angela Phillip

    Little boys should not compete with MEN!

  • Vidala Saldana

    What happened to the poll?

  • Лариса Трюхан

    His velvet voice is fascinating, KHJ we are waiting for you! The most handsome man in the world !!!

  • Localpwincess

    Photo upload doesnt work

  • alexkim
  • alexkim
  • alexkim
  • alexkim
  • Maja Vlahović
  • Agathe Duprat
  • 30Pilots! At The Chemical Blin

    why is Jared Leto not here? or Josh Dun? WHY DOES ANDY BIERSACK HAS ONLY 5 VOTES?1!

  • Dianakys

    donghae upsets me

  • Лариса Трюхан
  • Angelina Moran GDRAGON – PEACEMINUSONE The most beautiful man in the universe !! @peaceminusonedotcom

  • Angelina Moran
  • alexkim
  • alexkim
  • alexkim
  • Adnan Al Zazi


  • Rosmawati Mawar

    Kim Jae Joong.. you’re not just beautiful and gorgeous outside but also inside.. not only that.. you’re so talented as well.. what can’t your both hand do.. what can’t your beautiful head think of.. it’s too much too say this but you’re just simple perfect.. you can sing.. even you’re on the top list “The Best Singer In Korea”.. you can acting.. you can composing.. you can directing.. you’re also an art director.. even you’re so good in cooking.. and what make me more proud of you other than your love toward your fans and your talent is.. the way you take care of your family.. even they’re just your adopt family.. you also keep a good relationship between you and your real mother.. you forgive her so easily even after she had left you before.. songs that you had write like Paradise.. In Heaven.. Let The Rhythm Flow.. No Gain, My Only Comfort and many more.. we can feel your emotion.. you always keep what you feel inside.. but you always blow it out on your songs.. It’s okay if we lose here.. cause me and others Cassiopeia, JYJstand and Jaeharem will always say and think.. your the most handsome, gorgeous, talented and beautiful idol.. always..

  • Cat

    Where is Andy Biersack Andy Black in this? Because he is like the most handsome man in the world

  • Closet King

    Henry Cavill should be #1